The Mermaid Parade

Yesterday I went to The Mermaid Parade in Coney Island. It’s an annual event that unofficially marks the beginning of Summer, which is funny because there was a downpour during the late morning and early afternoon. But by 2:00pm the rain had come to pass, and the thunder began to retreat into the distance. One by one the Mer-folk took off their rain ponchos as the heat from the sun broke through the clouds and warmed our bodies. Here’s a glimpse into the time that I spent there. It was a truly wonderful occasion, filled with so much joy, beauty, kindness, creativity and community – it seemed we all brought the finest sides of ourselves to the parade. At the end of it we left the boardwalk and walked onto the beach — some stopped and partook in song and dance, while others continued towards the soft sandy shore, leaving our tired legs behind, and slipping back into the ocean.


Making lemonade out of lemons. Using watercolor pencils in the pouring rain. I’m soaking wet! 🙂


The Merdog of Coney Island



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