Free Coloring Pages

Although work has been overwhelming recently, I still wanted to post regularly. Ideally every week would be great, but since this blog is new, I wanted to post as much as I could at the start in order to get it going. On my website, there’s a link to free coloring pages, but I’ve decided to post them here as well. Eventually I’ll be migrating all of my Wonderland drawings onto this blog for ease of reference. In the meantime, I wanted to share some free coloring pages with you (click on the link in the headline menu). I did grab one of my favorites pages from Mermaids in Wonderland, the one of the fish arranged in a circular shape. I love circles. I love the shape and symbolic meaning behind them depending on what culture you refer to; circles can be viewed as open or closed, finite or infinite, and can be found in nature; the sun, moon, an egg, a bubble.


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